Whether you need to move a metal shed or moving a wooden shed, our Amish shed movers are familiar with the materials, designs and labor that go into creating these outdoor structures. It's amazing to see people working together for a … Additionally We can also provide stone pad site preparation. Shed Moving: We can move up to a 10' Wide x 20' Long x 10' high shed. The cost of relocating a storage shed, log cabin, gazebo or other structure, will depend on the size of the unit we are moving. We do not accept credit cards for shed moves. The taller and wider the structure is the more expensive the permits are and the more difficult it is to move … Amish Country Sheds & Moving LLC is family owned and operated and has supplied quality sheds, gazebos and garages to homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, police & fire departments and the U.S. Government. The Maxim building we can move is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide 10 feet high. An Amish-built shed includes specifically spaced 4″x 4″ runners attached to the bottom of it OR a 6″x6″ base with corner brackets if it’s floorless.

Delivery Rates are based on Hourly Charge from Amish Swings & Things to completion of move.

Our 40 years of experience shows with the highest quality sheds… These features allow us to strap the building down to our specialized shed hauling trailer. This knowledge sets us apart from other local shed moving companies because we understand the shed … Amish moving a huge shed in Wisconsin on video - Strange Sounds Look at this amazing video showing dozens of Amish moving a huge shed in Wisconsin. Call for pricing... 440-748-3660.