Yep. (Asgore):So much blood, so much pain,I will lose a son again,Oh, dear child, I'm sorry,Now you face the mountain king! UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL Lyrics: Whoooooaaaa - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh -oh - oh / Story of Undertale / I fell from the light / Talk or should I fight? Read Bergentruckung from the story Undertale the Musical Lyrics by HoplesKittyFanFics (KallieSnow) with 5,076 reads. fgfgfg is typing now. My desire For mankind's demise Filled them with The strength to survive The hopes and dreams My kin would fulfil Were inspired by lies I'm just a Broken shell of what I was A coward hiding from the truth The voices in my head Tell me "run away!" Undertale Fansong Lyrics ASGORE Lyrical Adaptation: Radix. NyxTheShield - ASGORE Lyrics. We're an unofficial community of fans and a place to share Undertale fanwork.. UNDERTALE is a video game about a child who falls into an underworld filled with monsters. [Synk] ASGORE Lyrics: Through the years / It remains / Blood I've spilt / On these plains / Though it burns / I shan't fall / For the hope of many / I shall bare it all / In this place between you and Oh, hello there dear child I knew that this day would soon come Here we meet, We stand face-to-face An empty glass here awaits. Stream UNDERTALE - Asgore + English Lyrics [King In The Mountain] (Palogy) by Ben H. from desktop or your mobile device Stand your ground! @gregary-king MOTI used her lyrics with permission from her, so dont worry! Seven souls To vote on the next song from the UnderTale OST I should write lyrics for, go to this poll.Also, if you want to see other posts I've done like this, check the linked favorite at the end of this blog.
It's time for the last of the four songs from my first poll, ASGORE (and Bergentrückung)!

He's saying that He's gonna be writing the lyrics to the Not serious songs,such as Spear of Justice, sans., and Your Best Friend unlike VGA, who will be writing the serious songs, such as ASGORE, Heartache, and Memory.. We will accept any lyrics and are planning on making the whole OST!!! Make Undertale with lyrics! / … Come now, child Don't give me that frown It's no use I won't be talked down Your determination Is strong Now fight! FIGHT or ACT your way through battles while dodging magic bullet attacks. Our savior be,Come on, mountain king! I'll remember your friendly face,I can't lie, I will miss this place, (Chorus):No more pain! Welcome!

This will be the last SOUL we need,I will not accept your mercyWith your pain, the barrier breaks,And we shall be free!

musical, muffet, sans. Genre Undertale Comment by roxygaming108. Young Detective "Human, it was nice to meet you" This will be the ultimate clash It's a bloody battle to death All this pain just to warp me back to where I belong From now on, there will be no scape I can't lie, I will miss this place @user-859943642: hahaha mee too [ once you said it ] 2020-04-29T13:59:55Z Comment by Lazuli Productions.