The lulav is usually carried to services in a lulav carrier made of plastic, wood or velvet, which includes the blessing over the etrog and lulav on or in it. The lulav and etrog are traditionally not waved on Shabbat because bringing these items to the synagogue would violate the prohibition against carrying. My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. Sukkot. I actually love the ritual of shaking the lulav , because it’s so filled with symbolism and meaning. Tap to unmute. An etrog is a kind of citron. One of Sukkot's special mitzvot is to recite blessings over the Four Kinds: a citron, a palm branch, three myrtle twigs and two willow branches.The citron is held in one hand, while the palm, myrtle and willow are bundled together into what is called a lulav. The reason we hold it upside down is because this is a commandment where you bless first and then do the actual mizvah act. Jews go into the Sukkah, a temporary hut, once a year and perform the mitzvah, or commandment, of shaking and blessing the lulav and etrog, as well as entering the sukkah. By Richard Siegel. If we hold the Etrog right side up from the beginning, it will appear that we already did the mitzvah before we actually say the blessing. Info. Many families allow the etrog to wither and save it in the etrog box, using it as a ritual spice during the weekly havdalah (“separation”) ceremony marking the end of the Sabbath. Then turn the etrog up and shake the entire bundle three times in each of six directions: straight ahead, right, back, left, up, and down. With these four species I reach out to the Source of all Life, whose Presence is with us in all directions and all … Copy link. Sukkot. The Etrog is held in the left hand close to the Lulav. Donate. While it is customary for each individual to have a lulav and etrog, many synagogues leave some sets in the synagogue Share. 30:14) the rabbis use a quote from Psalms to riff on the lulav and etrog. The Etrog is held with the pitam (point) facedown. Lulav and Etrog Symbolism. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Blessing for the Lulav The lulav is held up in the right hand, and the etrog is held pitom end (pointy side) down in the left hand. Traditional interpretations of what the four species represent. Must-Know Sukkot Words and Phrases. You might also like How to Wave the Lulav and Etrog on Sukkot.

Take up the lulav and etrog. The four species of Sukkot are the etrog, palm, myrtle and willow. Shopping. May my thoughts be holy, in token of the abundance of blessing that is mine from heaven and earth. Blessings over the lulav and etrog.