Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Get the latest live updates about the Coronavirus Pandemic . Who Can Be An Apostle, Bishop, Prophet etc? The answer is yes and no. So I do not claim the … Too much emphasis is put on titles imo. Listen to article. These are roles and one of them had to be listed first, second, etc. By Daily Guide Pastor. It is yes, if the other four five-fold ministry members also have a calling of an apostle in his life and a strong no if they does not have it in his life. Paul defended his apostleship, not by demanding others recognize it, but by demonstrating it through suffering and laboring for others. There are apostles who are also pastors or evangelists (Eph 4). my pastor say that some very gifted evangelists or pastors are equivalent to Apostle, or they have Apostolic Status.

Unlike portrayals of churches and pastors in the media, church congregations are often small and survive on humble funds.
Any organization that exerts the authoritarian leadership of an “apostle” or “pastor” over anyone, prophet or otherwise, is on dangerous ground. AMONG the several caustic criticisms levelled against the clergy in recent time is one pertaining to their titles, – namely, apostle, bishop, general overseer, prophet, reverend etc.

2.) He laid down his life in … This brings us to another question, can a pastor, evangelist, teacher or prophet can be apostle. Pastors With Fake Titles! As an Apostolic pastor, you must be willing to serve those in all walks of life, no matter the size of the congregation, and lead a life where you teach by example. A pastor, manager, governor, president, apostle, evangelist, prophet or apostle cannot do his job if he is so weak as to not claim his position. Pray about your decision to become an Apostolic pastor.