Tweet. A cult is a community of people held together by some religious dogmas. We will be looking at both confraternities as well as religious cults.


Update: We’ve added locations for every Cultist in the game now, so you can sweep up everyone you have left to find. 12 Strong Signs on How To Identify Cultists In Higher Institutions. In this post, we take a look at cult groups and how you can identify a cultist in Nigeria.

Share. by Leave a Comment. The groups are secretive, exploitative and closed to outsiders – and they’re still with us How to identify a cult: Six tips from an expert. Ways to Know and Identify a Cult Member or Cultist 13,322 total views, 6 views today Cultism is a vice and menace to every school and society, it is a threat to innocent and naïve students and members of the society, cultism tries to deceive people into thinking and … How to Identify a Cultist in Nigeria. So what exactly is a cult? I will jump straight into this with ten signs that you can watch out for to identify a cultist in your class, and lodge. After yet more betrayal, a new and mysterious foe emerges for the Misthios.