Anti-radar missile. Originally 53 ordered, but 20 cancelled after Iranian 1979 revolution and delivery of remaining 7 vetoed by USA. She was decommissioned in September 1971 and transferred to the Imperial Iranian Navy as IIS Chahbahan. On 30 November 1971, Artemiz took part in the Iranian occupation of the Tumb islands in the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran Ajr. Landing ship. info), Arabic: أبو موسى ‎) is a 12.8-square-kilometre (4.9 sq mi) island in the eastern Persian Gulf near the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. Japan. AGM-45A Shrike. Pages in category "NA-Class Iran articles" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 405 total. One of the destroyer's anchors fouled Medusa's anchor chain and in freeing it Medusa was cast loose. USA. She was purchased outright by Iran in March 1977.

In 1975-76, Artemiz underwent another refit, this time taking place at Cape Town, South Africa. After the 1979 Iranian Revolution she remained in service with the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy through at least 1985. 1978. Compre o livro Ships of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Ships of the Isla na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados In the first four years as a motor yacht, made 36 crossings of the English Channel. One of the destroyers anchors fouls Medusa's anchor chain and in freeing it Medusa is cast loose. #Iranian #iran #warship. The destroyer received four Standard missile launchers with a launch capability of eight missiles. This category is for destroyers commissioned or otherwise operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy.For destroyers by era or conflict, or destroyers designed or built in Iran for use by other navies (if any), see Category:Destroyers of Iran. Officially delivered for civil use but taken over by Navy.

25. 1978. Due to the depth of sea, oil tankers and big ships have to pass between Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs; this makes these islands some of the most strategic points in the Persian Gulf. Little is known about this ship and because Iran calls their frigates, destroyers it is possible that this ship should more accurately be classified as a frigate. Iranian destroyer Jamaran — Jamaran is the name of Iran s first domestically produced destroyer. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Her fate beyond that date is not reported in secondary sources. On 12 February 1970 an Iranian destroyer Artemiz (ex HMS Sluys) dragged her anchors during a gale in Portland Harbour and collided with Medusa. Ships of the Imperial Iranian Navy: Alvand Class Frigates, Babr Class Destroyers, Destroyers of the Imperial Iranian Navy: LLC Books: 9781156102947: Books - Iran's Navy has unveiled a model of the next-generation Hormuz Project destroyer bristling with weapons that bears a strong resemblance to the U.S. … The missiles has claimed 19 live. 5. 1980. 1979.

Iran, 10th May, a destroyer accidentally sank 1 of their own warships with an anti ship missile. (previous page) () 12/02/70 Iranian destroyer Artemiz (ex HMS Sluys) drags her anchors during a gale in Portland Harbour and collides with Medusa.