Emerald Armor is the second best set of armor in the game, it has a bright green and brown tone. Emerald Armor is a mod that adds an armor set made out of Emerald that is slightly better than diamond. Therefore an emerald with a higher than average sparkle would be more rare than a diamond which sat in the same overall percentile.

Tools: Tools would be the same, because some tools deal extra damage than your fist. Which is better Diamond or Emerald Most people say Diamond is better because it s the strongest gear. Each piece is crafted in a vanilla pattern using enchanted blocks of emerald. Diamond sword on their own deal 3.5 hearts without armour, so a emerald sword would deal 4 hearts!
Emerald tools would be slightly faster than the diamond ones.

When looking at how precious a stone is one should consider overall scarcity of a trait. It is unlocked in the Emerald collection (Level IX). The entire set gives ~54% damage reduction, being better than a full Magnetite Set which has 48% damage reduction.

For me... i don t know what s better. Difference in Hardness.

This consists of shiny green pieces of armor that fit around you, following the style of the Magnetite Armor set too. Emerald Armor (4 Epic) is a reasonably expensive armor set, requiring 24 Enchanted Emerald Blocks to craft. There are 4 pieces of the Emerald set, including the bag.

So close to 1.6K, cmon we can do it! Requirements You will need Forge version and Minecraft 1.5.2 for this mod.
The bag does … This also applies to swords as well. Hardness is another fairly easy category for an emerald vs diamond comparison. Others say Emerald is better because it s rarer.

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