Read or print original Space Lord lyrics 2020 updated! Lyrics to Space Lord by Monster Magnet from the Powertrip album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! It brought them mainstream success, with its accompanying music video directed by Joseph Kahn. Den Songtext zu Space Lord von Monster Magnet sowie Lyrics, Video & √úbersetzung findest du hier kostenlos. Our record company forwarded me press from Europe and in Germany they called me 'Space Lord'. Album Powertrip. Space Lord was likely written to leave room for interpretation, as mystery keeps a person's interest. Abspielen. "Space Lord" is a 1998 single by the psychedelic rock band Monster Magnet, from the album Powertrip. The same quality is seen in the power A chord. Space Lord Lyrics Monster Magnet. Monster Magnet - Space Lord There is a rhythmic quality to the chordage where the power E chord is intersperced with a stum of the open strings. He explained to Kerrang: "I'd hurt my knee, and had time off, so spent it in a dominatrix's apartment in New Orleans. I've been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days / When I don't get my The lyrics themselves may seem rather disorganized and random, but there is coherence in the words as they are used as metaphors for real-life experiences and situations. Lyrics; Share on Facebook Share on Twitter via Email; This song was written as payback for some teasing that frontman Dave Wyndorf endured. Listen to the song and you'll understand the timing.