Google Slides Curriculum Planner for Distance Learning

You need to create a weekly planner that will engage your students on a daily … hourly basis. I have one that I will share with you. Alter it as you need to. It’s created in Google Slides.

I give it to my students in present mode so they’re not making a copy. I’ll show you the differences in the code and you can do what works best for you. I had to put in a space behind the https to stop my blog from embedding the link. So, remove that space if you try to view the slideshow.

When you get the “share” link from your actual Google Slide, it will look something like this, with view only sharing. You’ll need to change that link by removing the word view and replacing it will the word present. By the way, these are just sample links to teach you what code to look for and change.

https ://

See where I’ve bolded the word present? 

https ://


So, I’ve share with you the link to my actual Google Slide Weekly Curriculum Planner for Students so that you could see how it can be utilized fully. Now, let me give you a more blank working-copy that you can use for your own curriculum planner. It’s in view-only mode, so you have to make a copy of your own.

https ://

Weekly Student Planner Bobbie Grennier

Weekly Student Planner by Bobbie Grennier

I’ll be adding more resources soon, so check back. Follow me on Twitter to stay updated @bobbiegrennier.

I hope this is helpful!