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Remote Learning from Home

Welcome to the new normal. It’s times like these when we are thankful for Technology. We are able to practice social distancing and still maintain a quality education. Teachers are scrambling, desperately looking for quick, easy to use solutions. I’d like to help. So, I’m going to share some resources and tools to help educators get their classrooms digitally functional and interesting.

Remember your students like to be entertained. So, do not give them boring things to look at. Digital education is very visually based. Take the time to create visually interesting templates that you can reuse. That makes it easier for you in the long-run and will help keep your students engaged.

Weekly Curriculum Planner for Students

You need to create a weekly planner that will engage your students on a daily … hourly basis. I have one that I will share with you. Distance Learning Weekly Planner

I hope this is helpful! I’ll be adding more resources soon, so check back. Follow me on Twitter to stay updated @bobbiegrennier.

Stay healthy!