Google Workspace


Google Workspace are applications available in your Google Education account.

Google Classroom Classroom

Getting started with Google Classroom

Classwork Tab

Grading in Classroom

Other Topics about Classroom

Google Slides Slides

Creating and Presenting a New Slides Deck

Options and Inserting into Google Slides

Advanced Features

Google Docs Docs

Google Sheets Sheets

Spreadsheet basics

Sharing a Workbook

Getting started

Manipulating Data

Google Forms Forms

Google Sites Sites

Creating a Google Site

Embedding and Linking


Google Meet Meet

Google Meet for Teachers
Google Drive Drive


Other Resources

Google Chrome Chrome

Signing into a Chrome browser correctly – video

Google Draw Drawing

Google Jamboard Jamboard

Google Keep Keep

Google Keep Basics
Google Calendar Calendar

Google Calendar Overview
Google Takeout Takeout

Google Takeout “How To”

Google Extensions Add-ons & Extensions

Google  Workspace Updates

Calendar of Google Workspace Updates